Yasuhiro OGAWA

Yasuhiro OGAWA


Place of Birth
Chigasaki, Japan in 1968


Place of Residence
Tokyo, Japan

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  • B.A. in English Literature from Kanagawa Univ. Japan
  • Started photography in Early twenties
  • Taiyo Award in 2000
  • Finalist, Oskar Barnack Award in 2006
  • The Photographic Society of Japan New Comer Award in 2009


  • Deug en littérature anglaise, Université de Kanagawa, Japon
  • Débute la photographie au début des années 2000
  • « Taiyo Award » en 2000
  • Finaliste « Oskar Barnack Award » en 2006
  • « The Photographic Society of Japan New Comer Award » en 2009

Solo exhibitions/Expositions personnelles

2013 The Islands, Roonee 247 Photography, Tokyo, Japan
2013 Yuki – Winter Journey, Doozo Gallery, Rome
2013 Winter Journey, Roonee 247 Photography, Tokyo
2009 Kawa-no-Kioku, Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo
2007 Okinawan Color, Gallery Niépce, Tokyo
2006 Slowly Down the River, Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo
2002 Portrait of Shanghai, Konica Plaza, Tokyo
1999 Futashika-na-Chizu, Kodak Photo Salon, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions/Expositions collectives

2010-2012 Clown on the Earth, a group show by the winners of The Photograhic Society of Japan New Comer Award toured some places of Europe such as Berlin, Belgrade, Moscow
2009 Works by The Photographic Society of Japan Award winners, FujiPhoto Salon, Tokyo
2005 Tokyoland, Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo (a joint exhibition withJeremy Sutton-Hibbert)
2000 Works by Taiyo Award winners, Olympus Gallery, Tokyo


Books & Publications/Livres & Publications

2008 Slowly Down the River (Creo)

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