地図/MAP (reprint)


Titre: “MAP” (reprint)
Artiste: Kikuji KAWATA
Publié par: Akio Nagasawa Publishing 2014

Limited edition 600copies

190 pages
150 x 225 mm


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Limited Edition: 600/signed & numbered, housed in a specially-made box, texts: Kenzaburo Oe “Map” and Kikuji Kawada “On the re-reprint of ‘Chizu’”

The original 1965 edition of “Chizu” is a legendary photography book that is virtually impossible to catch sight of today. While relentlessly tracking the “stains” scattered across walls and ceiling of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.
Kawada projects memories of the war through young soldiers’ portraits and letters, ruined fortresses, etc. At the same time, his pictures of iron scraps at factories, Lucky Strike boxes brought in by occupation forces, dumped Coca-Cola bottles, and other indicators of recovery after the war, document the process of overall transformation in postwar Japan.
This long-awaited new edition of “Chizu”, renowned as one of the most experimental Japanese photography books, is a complete reprint adopting Kohei Sugiura’s original peculiar design with all photos as double-page spreads.

<川田喜久治 /Kikuji Kawata>

Born 1938 in Ibaraki. Graduated from Rikkyo University College of Economics in 1955. He joined Shinchosha, where he has been in charge of centerfolds and other photographs for Shukan Shincho since the weekly magazine’s inauguration.
He went freelance in ’59, and became involved with the fanzine VIVO until 1961. Since the publication in 1965 of Chizu (The Map), a collection of photographs contemplating the recovery and war memories of postwar Japan, he has continuously been attracting attention in Japan and around the world.
Photo books include Chizu (’65), Nude (’84), The Globe Theater (’98) and Theatrum Mundi (’03). Main exhibitions include “Last Cosmology” (’95), “Eureka” (’01), “Kikuchi Kawada: The Globe Theater” (’03), and the group shows “New Japanese Photography” (‘74), “Japon des Avant-Gardes 1910-1970” (’86), and “The History of Japanese Photography” (’03).

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