Titre: “Country.Rock”

Artiste: Morten ANDERSEN

Publié par: Teknisk Industri Oslo (2017)


Limited edition 800

soft bound
210 × 265 mm
208 pages , 205 photos(color and b/w)




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≪Country.Rock by Morten Andersen≫

My 21st book.

Country.Rock was shot in the north of Norway during the last 3-4 years. It can be seen as a (loose) continuation, or consequence, of my 2013 book Untitled.Cities that took place in a fictitious European city in the near future, after some catastrophe where most things have stopped functioning. A visual story that tried to resonate the social and psycho-logical situation in Europe.

Country.Rock can also be seen as a fictitious place, or a condition, where the big cities of Europe have become uninhabitable and young people are forced to move out to the outskirts of Europe (north of Norway!) where they try to build new communities. The story takes place in a thought future but with underlying themes from reality as how we use our resources, climate crisis, natural disasters etc. But also about escaping, myths, dreams, nature…. Few things have been photographed more in Norway than the nature and the landscape but most of it are pictorial and postcard like photos that shows the beauty of it but lacks the experience of being in it, to get wet, lost, freeze, feeling the wind in the face…

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