Titre: “Inner-North”
Artiste: Hiroyasu NAKAI
Publié par:  in)(between gallery (2017)
Limited 100 copies
All images scanned from vintage prints

148×210 mm
146 pages


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in)(between record vol.27 ≪Inner-North≫ Hiroyuki NAKAI

Hiroyuki NAKAI / 中居裕恭
He was born in Hachinohe City, Aomori in 1955. He participated in Eikoh Hosoe’s WORKSHOP photo school in 1976. Upon graduation, he began a new chapter in his life as a photographer and became a member of CAMP, an artist-run photo group and gallery headed by Moriyama. After he left CAMP, he independently established a photo gallery Hokuten (North Point) in his hometown in 1988, and began exhibition his own work in a series of exhibitions.


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