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Livre-Book Night As A Night Porter – CHRIS SHAW


Chris SHAW photographer

Born Wallasey U.K. 1961.

In 1983 while working in Hamilton Ontario wandered into a library looked at photobooks and saw IKKO NARRAHARAS photograph of TWO BINS IN MID AIR from his New Mexico series and decided to be a photographer.

Back in the early 90s when back in London, Chris found himself homeless, got a job with accommodations in a hotel as a night porter, for about the 10 following years he worked in 8 different hotels as a night porter and from those days of almost no sunlight came the series and book Life As A Night Porter, and now in)(between record Vol 33 – Small Mornings – an outtakes of that series, about 40 handmade silver gelatin barite prints not only showing the basics of that night job but the intimacy of hotel nights.

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Life As A Night Porter

Première édition, isbn 978-1-931885-50-8
64 pages
couverture rigide
impression duotone

First edition,isnb 978-1-931885-50-8
64 pages
hard cover
duotone print


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