Poet Island


Titre: “Poet Island”
Artiste: Atsushi FUJIWARA
Publié par:  Sokyu-sha 2015


74 pages

61 black & white images

Double toned

Hard cover

280mm X 240mm

Editor: Michitaka Ota

Book design: Koichi Hara

After words: Yoshiyuki Morioka (Proprietor, Morioka Shoten Bookshop)

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Poet Island by Atsushi Fujiwara

With his third photo book, Atsushi takes us throughout the beautiful Nagashima Island and the abandoned parts of  “Nagashima Aisei-en and Komyo-en” sanatoriums where Hansen’s disease patients (including the poet Akashi Kaijin) were quarantined from the rest of Japan. Atsushi’s childhood impression and memories from his visit to the island and sanatoriums, together with the beauty of the tones of his silver gelatin photographs hold together the story making his new book easy to follow.


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