Tsutomu OTSUKA

Tsutomu OTSUKA


Place of Birth

1951, in Urayasu Chiba prefecture, Japan



Place of Residence


Solo exhibitions/Expositions personnelles

2015   “The ground which was quittedFukusima” at Gallery Photo/synthesis,Tokyo
2014   “HALF LIFEFukusima ” at Gallery Photo/synthesis,Tokyo

2013   “Tyvek suitFukusima ”  at Plaec M,Tokyo
2007   “SILENT ” at Space  KoboTomo,Tokyo
2006   “Bone at GALLERY” Private,Kamakura
2005   “Body Works 19912005 at GALLERY IMAGO,Tokyo
2002   “Room” at Gallery LE DECO,Tokyo
1998   “Trans-Body Ⅱ” at HOKARI Fine Art Gallery,Tokyo
1997   “Placebo” at HOKARI  Fine Art Gallery,Tokyo
1996   “Trans-Body” at HOKARI Fine Art Gallery,Tokyo
1994   “Emulsion No. 565” at Art Forum YANAKA,Tokyo
1992   “Earth-Time” at INAX Gallery,Tokyo
1989   “IncognitoSeed of the water” at Shibuya Seibu Art Gallery,Tokyo
1987   “IncognitoShadow of the Flower” at Nikon Salon,Tokyo
1986   “IncognitoShadow of the Flower”  at Shibuya DOI Photo Plaza,Tokyo
1971   “No End-Movie exhibitions” at  Shinjyuku Head  Power,Tokyo



Group Exhibitions/Expositions collectives



2011  “zeitaku na yaka vol.7” 

          at AiDEM PHOTO GALLERY,Tokyo

2010   “GinEin” at Tokyo Art Museum,Tokyo
2005   “IMAGO  Note  2005” at GALLERY IMAGO,Tokyo
2002   “Cotemporary Alternative Photogaphy” at WHITE ROOM GALLERY,L.A 
1999   “Dimer with Dali”  at Toledo University Clement gallery,Toledo
1998   “LOVE ' S  BODY-Rethinking  Naked and  Nnde  in  Photograpry”

           at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography,Tokyo
1998   “Entre l' eau. I'air et  la  terre” at Galerie Vrais Reves,Lyon  
1996   “CHIKUWA,KAWA,MIMI” at HOKARI Fine Art Gallery,Tokyo
1995   “Cotemporary Japanese Photograpic History” at Mitsukoshi Holl,Tokyo
1993   “Five Intentions” at Olympus Gallery,Tokyo
1990   “High-Tech Plants” at Hanshin Department Store,Osaka
1986   “Neo Pictorialism Photo Exhibition”  at Gallery WIDE,Tokyo



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