Place of Birth

Hamamatsu, Japan in 1983



Place of Residence

Tokyo, Japan



2005 Graduated from the Tokyo University of Agriculture Okhotsk Campus
2009 Graduated from the Tokyo Visual Arts College Department of Photography Night School
2012  Start GRAF magazine

2005 Diplômé en agriculture de Tokyo University
2009 Diplômé en photographie de l’école Tokyo Visual Arts College
2012 Co-fonde le magazine GRAF


Solo & group exhibitions/Expositions personnelles et collectives

2014 in)(between gallery Record vol.9, Paris, France
2014 Mainichi GRAF2 Solo Exhibition (KODOJI Bar / Shinjyuku, Tokyo)GRAF vol.07 Exhibition: Heart of the photograph (TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY / Shinjyuku, Tokyo)
2013 GRAF vol.06 Exhibition: 20130401 (gallery fukka / Jinbo-cho, Tokyo)
2013 GRAF THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2013 (Kyoto University of Art and Design
2013 GRAF GAWⅧ Exhibition (Shinjyuku Hanazono Golden-gai / Shinjyuku, Tokyo)
2013 GRAF vol.04 Exhibition: Oita, The Moon on the Bungo Channel
2013 KITAKAZE-2012 Solo Exhibition (Golden-gai Kodoji / Shinjyuku, Tokyo)
2013 KITAKAZE Solo Exhibition (Totem Pole Photo Gallery / Yotsuya, Tokyo)
2013 KITAKAZE Solo Exhibition (Kyushu Visual Arts Gallery / Hakata, Fukuoka)
2013 GRAF vol.05 Slide Projection: Fukuoka Monochrome (FUCA / Hirao, Fukuoka)
2012 mainichi GRAF Solo Exhibition (Bar Chotto / Koenji, Tokyo)
2012 GRAF vol.02 Exhibition: To Nara (gallery Tenjinbashisuji Rokuchome, Osaka)
2012 GRAF vol.03 Exhibition: Shizuoka, Crossing Mt. Fuji (Visual Arts Gallery Tokyo)
2012 GRAF THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2012 – Exhibitor at the ONAKA Koji booth (Kyoto University of Art and Design・Tohoku 2012 University of Art and Design, Gaien Campus / Aoyama, Tokyo)
2012 Suichu-Megane Solo Exhibition (Kodoji bar / Shinjuku, Tokyo)
2012 GRAF vol.02 Publishing Event(asagaya MUNCH!! / Asagaya, Tokyo)

Books & Publications/Livres & Publications

2012 Suichu-Megane collection publié par GRAF Publishers
2013 KITAKAZE collection publié par GRAF Publishers
2013 KURAGE collection publié par GRAF Publishers


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