Masahiro NARITA

Masahiro NARITA


Place of Birth

Hokkaido, japan



Place of Residence

Sapporo, japan



  • Fini ses études à Ritsumeikan University
  • Travaille dans une compagnie de cinéma
  • Devient indépendant en 1995 et lance sa société
  • Étudie la photographie au London Art College et Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design
  • Aujourd’hui, tout en gérant sa société, il travaille comme directeur de la photographie pour le cinéma, écrivain, et graphiste


  • Finished his studies to Ritsumeikan University
  • Work in a company of cinema
  • Becomes an independent in 1995 and launches his company
  • Study the photography to the London Art College and Saint Martin College central of Art and Design
  • Today, while managing his company, he works as chief cameraman for the cinema, writer, and graphic designer


Solo&Group exhibitions/Expositions personnelles&collectives

2005     « The second exhibition of old boy’s photo club in Tokai University” Aidem photo gallery
2014 «G Book Show» Brighton, England
2014 «Masahiro Narita SoloExhibition 『in the dark』» Alliance Francaise de Sapporo
2014 «Masahiro Narita SoloExhibition 『in the dark』»
    Metro Gallery in Sapporo International Arts Festival
2014 «Get in touch! Nagoya Ortiz system Art Exhibition» Aichi Arts Center,Nagoya,Japan
2014 «AcousticLiveshow "Akobako" Opening solo exhibition Photoslideshow»
    cube garden Sapporo, Hokkaido
2013 «The Art of Photography Show 2013 (An international exhibition of photographic art) »
     San Diego Art Institute,USA
2013 «Yukinori Tokoro photo exhibition " Einstein Roman " With " State-of-the-art " exhibition of 10 Artists»
     Gallery Conceal,Shibuya,Japan
2013 «ShiNC »It’s selling&Buying at 3000 yen! Exhibition» AtMalmo Gallery, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
2013 «Great East Japan Earthquake Charity support Post Card Project »
    CafeGallery Esquisse, Sapporo, Hokkaido
2013 «Sapporo Art Stage Postcard Project» SapporocityHall sponsored
2013 «60th photo Hokkaido Exhibition» Odori Museum Sapporo, Hokkaido
2012 «67th all Hokkaido Exhibition» Civic Art Gallery Sapporo Sapporo, Hokkaido
2012 «59th photo Hokkaido Exhibition» Doshin Gallery Sapporo, Hokkaido

Award / Prix

2012 IPA2012(International Photography Awards ) ,honorable mention
2013 The Art of Photography Show 2013(An international exhibition of photographic art) ,Selected artist
2013 8th Black & White Spider Awards 2013 ,NOMINEE
2014 G Book Show (in Brighton, England) 2014 ,Selected artist


Books & Publications/Livres & Publications

2012 «Anonymous Americans» ZINE of "Photoback"

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