Takeshi SUMI

Takeshi SUMI


Place of Birth

Kyoto, Japan in 1981



Place of Residence

Paris, France

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  • Bachelor of Art ‘Tama Art University, Tokyo 2010
  • Bachelor of Literature ‘Meiji University, Tokyo 2004


  • Licence en Art à l’Université de Tama, Tokyo 2010
  • Licence en Littérature à l’Université Meiji, Tokyo 2004

Solo exhibitions/Expositions personnelles

2012 Look at the sky, Overland Gallery, Tokyo
2012 Flying in the Sky, Port Gallery T, Osaka
2011 Light is blank, Blanclass, Yokohama
2011 Hikari, Port Gallery T, Osaka
2010 Meteorite, Gallery Akaruiheya, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions/Expositions collectives

2014 in)(between gallery record vol.8, Paris, FRANCE
2012 Winter Group Show, Satoshi Koyama Gallery
2012 TOKYO PHOTO 2012, Tokyo Midtown Hall, Roppongi
2012 no found photo fair, 66 RUE DE TURENNE 75003 PARIS
2012 Tokyo-Ga meets NYPH2012, 111 Front Street, NY
2011 Tokyo-Ga(東京画, Gallery 21, Tokyo
2009/2010 Exhibition New Cosmos of Photography, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
2008 30th Hitotubo Exhibition, Ginza Guardian Garden, Tokyo



2010 Selected : New Cosmos of Photography
2009 Selected : New Cosmos of Photography
2008 Selected : 30th Hitotubo


Books & Publications/Livres & Publications

2012 『Fly in the sky』 Libro Arte

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