record vol. 3.1 « Landscapes and Seashores »


sténopés, pinhole camera, camera obscura

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Du 5 au 27 Septembre 2013

Vernissage : le 5 Septembre du 19h à 22h

Record vol.3.1 "Landscapes and Seashores" - sténopés, pinhole camera, camera obscura

Fumio Nasukawa works with a pinhole camera (sténopé, camera obscura) capturing his photographs directly on color photographic paper, mastering unique pieces.

Nasukawa manually operates his pinhole camera using exposures that could range from 5 seconds to several hours.

This series of lens-less analog photographs of seashores landscapes he is exhibiting this time are images form the shores of northeast Honshu in Japan, the same area that was devastated in March-2011 by the Great Tohoku Earthquake.

Nasukawa aims to express that the beauty of the scenery can also show the passage of time and fear.


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