TAKARA BUNE 宝船NYC - The Back)(Room Prints NYC

in)(between record vol 24



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TEL 212.777.0790 / FAX 212.777.0784

Press Preview: Wednesday, September 7th, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 7th, 6-9pm

Thursday, September 8th to Saturday, September 10th from 12 to 8pm

Sunday September 11th from 12 to 6pm

Closing Reception: Monday September 12th from 6pm to 8pm

 TAKARA BUNE 宝船 NYC - The back)(room Prints NYC
in)(between record vol 24 

From Sept 7th to Sept 12th.




Our selection of Japanese photographers for this short exhibition encompasses 8 established photographers and their Color and B&W handmade Gelatin Silver prints showing Japanese Urbanscapes, Street Photography and Landscapes from 1958 to 2014, including vintage prints and photo serigraphs.

A selection that takes us from a 1958 Tokyo crime investigation by WATABE to the night live of Tokyo in the 80s by FUJITA and walks us thru the street photography of NAKAFUJI and NISHIMURA scenes of Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan from the 90’s to our days, without excluding colorful Urbanscapes and Landscapes by ONAKA and a soft touch of that characteristic Japanese nudity and eroticism by FUJISHIRO and KURAMA.

A note about the title: TAKARA BUNE “宝船 means The Treasure Ship



in)(between gallery Photographers:



Koji ONAKA/尾仲 浩二

Gelatin Silver Color Photos from his series Dragonfly-2006,
Matatabi-2011, Short Trip Again 2013


Takehiko NAKAFUJI/中藤 毅彦

Gelatine Silver B&W Photos from his series Tokyo 1995-2010, 



Meisa FUJISHIRO/藤代 冥沙

Siver Gelatin Color Photos from his series HIPS


Susumu FUJITA/藤田 進

Serigraphs, Silver Eye “Gin No Me” 1980 and Roppongi Soul Embassy-1982,

and Vintage Gelatine Silver B&W Photos from Roppongi Soul Embassy-1982

Junku NISHIMURA/ジュンク西村

Gelatine Silver B&W Photos from his Series Unlike Memories 2005-2013



Gelatine Silver B&W Photos from his series Forbidden Tones 2005-2014


Chotoku TANAKA/田中長徳

Gelatine Silver B&W Photos Tokyo 1969


Yukichi WATABE/渡部 雄吉

Gelatine Silver B&W Photos Stake Out Diary Tokyo 1958 




in)(between gallery opened in June 2013, it is more than a gallery it is a space for artistic expression and interaction, gelatin silver photography and darkroom work, and everything in between. 

in)(between gallery provided junction to Paris and Japanese photographers, and intersection for the contemporary Japanese photographic scene. It offers confirmed and emerging photographers a privileged space to disseminate their works. Luigi Clavareau, director of the gallery intends to establish a dialogue between the audience and the artists and contribute to the promotion and circulation of their work.

Lieu d’exposition et espace d’interactions artistiques, in)(between gallery fait la part belle à la scène photographique japonaise contemporaine. Ouverte à l’été 2013, elle offre aux photographes japonais émergents ou confirmés un espace de diffusion privilégié pour leurs oeuvres. Luigi Clavareau, directeur de la galerie entend établir un dialogue entre le public et les artistes tout en contribuant à la promotion et circulation de leurs travaux.



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